We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Loveland, Ohio. EIN: 87-3476581

Augie’s Adventures is celebrating the 2nd year of offering its parent support group and recreational events.

A Support Group For Special-needs Families

Augie’s Adventures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 87-3476581) support group for special-needs families. It enables families to make connections and share resources for navigating obstacles, while building friendships with like-minded families. Augie’s Adventures facilitates parent support group meetings and other recreational activities to create community.

Does Your Family Include a Minor or Grown Child With a Disability?

  • Yearn to connect with other families who “get it?”
  • Struggle to maintain balance in caring for your loved one’s special needs, in addition to other parts of your life?
  • Feel as though your child and/or you are isolated, as though you don’t belong anywhere?
  • Feel like your special-needs child and/or you do life with no group of friends?
  • Feel alone in your journey with disability issues, without any guidance from parents who have "been there, done that?"

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place. Augie’s Adventures is a nonprofit organization located in Loveland, Ohio, (a suburb of Cincinnati,) that has been established for families with minor and grown children with disabilities.

Our Goals

The goal of Augie’s Adventures is for families to be able to meet like-minded groups of people who can bond through the joys, difficulties, laughter, and tears, which accompany life with disabilities.  In addition, this group serves as a platform for guest speakers to inform and inspire parents to make their children’s and their families’ lives even better. It is a place for grown and minor children to connect with others who enjoy the same recreational activities and pastimes. Physical activity and social interaction increase, as grown and minor children with disabilities enjoy the various amenities such as the basketball and pickleball courts, the trampoline, and the pool. As the families get acquainted, small groups can be designed to meet similar, identified needs.


Recreational Opportunities

Throughout the year, we continue to offer a variety of opportunities for special-needs families to recreate on our personal property. Weather permitting, we invite families to enjoy our outdoor amenities, such as the pool, basketball court, swing set, trampoline, and the open ball field. During inclement weather, we offer other games, music, and pickleball in our (heated ) outbuilding, or we use our recreation room.

Some of our events are by invitation only. Others are offered through an open invitation. Some events are for fundraising purposes; these are times that we ask for a certain amount of a donation in advance, to access the special activities at that time. Other events involve a smaller donation for each entire special-needs family to sign up and recreate with other families. And still other events are offered entirely FREE of charge to special-needs families who have RSVP’d.

Whenever possible, we like to have individual volunteers and/or volunteer families help us to host our events. This creates a naturally inclusive environment in which the families enjoy time together, but with an intentional focus being on accommodating the children with special needs. Our goal is to always get the special-needs children participating in the play activities, just as much as their typical peers and siblings in attendance.

We love when special-needs parents can enjoy much-deserved breaks, enabling them to relax, eat, or converse with other adults, without interruptions to tend to their disabled children’s needs. With a number of volunteer families cooperating, those with special needs receive the encouragement and assistance to partake in as many recreational amenities as possible.

Augie’s Adventures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Loveland, Ohio. EIN: 87-3476581

A Special Place for Families With Minor and Grown Children With Disabilities

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